Start and Grow

So you’ve got a great idea for a new business, but not sure what to do next? Start & Grow is here to help you.

The Start & Grow programme is backed and funded by the government to help business start-ups get up and running. If you’re a pre start-up or have already started and you need business support, Start & Grow is for you.

The programme provides a wide range of pre-start and post-start-up support to new businesses and their owners who have ambitions to grow and make a success of their business and employ staff. If this is what you need, support will be tailored to suit the needs of you and your business, to help you build and develop.

How you will benefit –

You will receive:

1. A one to one assessment with an experienced, independent business adviser who will review your plans
2. An intensive personalised support programme, including guidance and advice leading to a robust business plan
3. Help with an application for external funding, if needed
4. Ongoing support for three years
5. Free factsheets, templates, press releases and PR service
6. Access to masterclasses, webinars and networking opportunities.

Start & Grow is here to support you as a business owner and your business in the early stages of your start-up – the critical first year when it is so important to get things right and have someone on hand to guide and support you. Consultancy and mentoring for new business owners is invaluable – experience is on hand to help with challenges and tricky decisions.

In a nutshell, Start & Grow is looking for businesses with real ambition to grow, succeed and employ staff.

Chris Dowling works with Enterprise First , delivering the Start & Grow programme across East and West Sussex. If you would like to know more about how Start & Grow can benefit your business, contact Chris Dowling today – phone 01825 701332 or email –